Youtube番組”The Miracle Smile Forest”の誘導瞑想ガイドを務める。 19歳の頃、自分の声や音で動物や人を癒した経験から目に見えない波動や宇宙の法則について興味を持ち、瞑想や音楽療法を探求しはじめ、カナダ、オーストラリア、ハワイ中心に海外に数年間住む中でさまざまなワークショップやセミナーに参加する。通訳やイラストレーターとしても活動。 毎回Naokoが瞑想後にインスピレーションで受け取った音や言葉を即興的な形で制作し、録音しています。(もちろん楽譜は読めません)


*The Miracle Smile Forestでの音楽はほとんどNaokoによって制作されていますが、一部の音源は著作権フリーの音楽を使用しています。







She had a hard  time to be balanced herself between “spiritual realm”  and “reality” after she spent  time swimming with wild dolphins and they opened her mind and heart. During that time she met many people who called themselves as “spiritual healer”  or “Spiritual  teacher”. She learned a lot of things from them but more she learned  that kind of things more she was loosing her balanced and She  became difficult coping with society  for a while  when she was 19 years old.

The reason why she share people about  her experience because sometimes it is very risky getting to know about too much spiritual knowledge.  It makes us out of balance.

She also had an amazing experienced that she healed tiny cat who was nearly dying.The cat was completely recovered after I gave her voice healing.I started to heal some people who have health issues, they also got recovered from my voice healing.
And I started researching sound therapy and guided meditation since then.

She has lived overseas such as Canada ,Australia,Hawaii. She experienced swimming with wild dolphins in Bahama, Hawaii. She also joined various mindfulness workshop (Yoga, meditation, sound healing, body work,) while she was in Canada and Australia. She started to making music through out these experiences. She is hot stone massage practitioner. Also she is certified sound healing therapist.She posts on youtube videos almost every week which is all about sound healings and guided meditation etc…
She helps and support people for raise their vibration through music and guided meditation.