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この人生であなたにしか出せない音色で最大限人生を演奏し、人生で起こるさまざまな出来事を心の糧にして軽やかに前進していけるように、The Miracle Smile ForestのNaokoが全力でサポートさせていただきます。



Welcome to “The Miracle Smile Forest”
The Miracle smile forest offers and helps you raise your vibration through sound healings and guided meditation created by Naoko.

Sound creates a space with a frequency and vibration that has been used as a healing tool in various cultures for thousands of years.

Raising your vibrations which means tuning your soul instruments in order to align your body, mind, and soul.

Great pianists wouldn’t be able to play the piano if they don’t tune their instruments.

Tune your soul alignment that is the key element which brings you joy, peaceful mind and who you really are. It helps you reaching your full   potential.

Naoko will help and support you get the most of your sound healing experience.

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 Naoko selected Sound healing products and meditation tools.Please click both pictures above it takes you shopping site.She also will share with you original handmade healing products which coming up soon:)

Weekly Video

I created 8min motivational meditation video. I also created same improvisation piano down below.Please listen to the video depending on how you are  feeling.

I couldn’t upload video last week so I uploaded this video 
.I recorded my own piano which is improvisational style I hope you enjoy my music and guided meditation. Please use headphone while listening.

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