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Miracle Hot Stone Massage

Hot Stone massage is a massage treatment with the use of heated basalt stones. These are volcanic stones which keep the heat for a longer period of time while doing a massage treatment.I do oil massage in combination with hot stones treatment which  are beneficial on both physical and psychological levels.

45min $55
90min $100


Miracle Hot Stone with Sound Therapy


It is a deeply relaxing, fully clothed, gentle massage and  sound massage type treatment with using hot stone which volcanic stones which keep the heat for a longer period of time while doing a massage.The Healing sounds come to help relax, calm, dispel negative energy and   balance chakras. The treatment works as a Mental Detox as well as harmonizing and tuning the body, mind and spirit.

45min  $55
90min  $100

Miracle Crystal Singing Bowl Healing Session

This private session may bring you physical, mental and emotional cleansing, healing and nourishment through intention and the powerful vibrations of the singing bowls.
They are powerful for sound therapy, chakra system balancing, emotional release and clearing of people and places.

50min $55


Miracle Tuning fork sound therapy treatment


This powerful and empowering session will bring you back to your Self, clearing unwanted energies and realigning your personal vibration.

By placing the correct tuning forks next to the areas that are out of harmony, the energies will "match" and balance using resonance.

It works like acupuncture to remove blockages, using sound instead of needles. The effects are usually felt immediately. You will have a unique experience. Clients are fully clothed


45min $55
60min $70


Miracle Singing Bowl chakra treatment

Tibetan Singing Bowl Chakra treatments will leave you connected with your chakra system and feeling balanced and energized.  You will reconnect with the truth of who you are while
this treatment.

30min $30
60min    $55

Miracle Self Alignment (private session)


This private session which you will feel charged and tuned.A session will help you support the body to self heal, shift your vibration, uplift your potentials and in turn open new doorways of opportunity in your life.(include Movement, Sound therapy etc..)

60min $60
120min $110


Miracle Card Reading (private session)

This session provide clarity, guidance & support so that you can go within and become self-empowered in your life.Session includes, sound therapy for purify your energy level.

30min $35
60min $60
90min $90


Color therapy Healing

You see color all the time in your daily life. But how often do you think about its origins and effects? Color therapy healing is a type of holistic that I use 14 color bottles which affect  your mood and physical or mental health. Colors have a life and language of their own which affect your subconscious mind.

Color therapy (Using 14 color bottles) 1 on 1 session

30min  $30
60min  $60

Color therapy with 14 color bottles and special card reading

30min $40
60min $70


Miracle Japanese lesson(Self Alignment)

This private Japanese lesson tailored to your needs with Naoko who speaks English and she lived abroad for a few years.You can learn Japanese through music, self alignment type of things or whatever things you want to learn she will help you improve your Japanese skills.

Skype also available

30min $30
60min $55

About Naoko

I fully support and help you from my various experiences so that you can connect deeply within yourself through sound,voice and hot stone which will help you in bringing out the best in you.

For more Naoko's profile click here


Place of the session

The  private sessions are held at  Madamamura Northern part of Osaka called Ibaraki area.
This place is usually open for cafe but there is  a small cozy alternative space available for our miracle private session.

About booking and payment

Please booking from here 

You can pay by Paypal (I will send you a link for the payment)
or cash.



24 hours advance notice is required to cancel a session to avoid full session fee. All sessions expire one year from purchase, without exception.