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Thank you very much for coming Hashimoto Family!!

I hope to see you again:)


とってもれラックスでき特にホットストーンは気持ちがよかった。音が頭の奥まで響いているに 人それぞれ違うというのにはびっくりしました。次回にはもうちょっと違う目で見れると思います。

(Keiko Hashimoto)

Salon review:

The atmosphere was very peaceful and relaxing. Naoko explained everything very well and took her time conversing with you and explaining your problem areas. I highly recommend going to see Naoko for a very relaxing experience!

Naomi Hashimoto

In October 2016, I had the good fortune of hearing about this therapeutic/healing massage at "The Miracle Smile Forest". I was able to book in a time to bask in this therapeutic experience. It was definitely more than a simple relaxing experience. Of course, it was relaxing, but the experience was much more than a simple relaxation session. My apologies as I'm not an expert on the schools of healing, so I will probably mix up or miss some terminology. I was/am familiar with the ideas and so I was able to enjoy myself without asking a million questions. But to take my review as your only reference (without doing some independent reading) might be a little crass. My session involved multiple techniques as we started with a little one on one. Where I was asked to write some items down which involved some thought of course. The paper was burned which is obviously part of the healing. We then moved on to the more standard massage portion except with a more healing mindset as opposed to simply checking for tight muscles. The healing being that tightness is caused by more reasons than simple muscle tightness. Like I said, I'm not an expert but different areas equate to different emotions. Finally, we moved to the final room which involved different frequencies being used to see how they passed through your body. This is similar in that various"stuck" areas in your body affect the frequency transmission.  I felt comfortable the entire time, which in my opinion is quite important in a healing session. You won't get much out of the session if you are butting heads with the therapist the entire time. Well. I'm sure that my explanation is quite poor in the world of the knowledgeable. But. I hope it gives a good enough explanation for someone similar to my level. Which means not very knowledgeable. LOL.
Thank you for the wonderful experience. I definitely recommend making every attempt to attend a session here.

Azuma Hashimoto

Thank you very much for your wonderful comment I am very happy for you came to my salon:)

I hope to see you again:D

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