<Naoko Tachibana>( Ruka Aosora)

▪️She took a course of Miracle training program in Kaui Island of Hawaii.「SHARRI and Trilite sminers present a certificate of completion」

▪️Joan Ocean is a phycologist,shaman and scientist. She is author of two books called "Dolphin connection","Dolphin into the future" published in 10 languages. She has led dolphin-communication workshop in many countries. Naoko was her interpreter for 7days dolphin swimming workshop in Hawaii for Japanese group . Naoko learned about dolphin consciousness and how to access subconscious mind through meditation and swimming with wild dolphins.

▪️She has been to Guinea and Senegal(West Africa)for a month for her friend's wedding celebration party. She learned Djembe(drumming)and traditional dancing  during her travel.

▪️Naoko is also a writer.Her another name called "Ruka Aosora" is author of "Ruka met fat E.T" published one of the biggest publisher "Kadokawa"in Japan.She worte this book when she was age 24.
Ruka is also a singer song writer and she recorded her original song and released 3 albums"Another world""Circle of life""Gentle air"

▪️Naoko organized workshop a few times for Japanese group.She held a workshop called "Miracle rainbow journey in Big Island of Hawaii"The workshop offers swimming with wild dolphins,yoga, meditation,eating healthy foods,visiting sacred place and having a special ceremony with Kahuna(Hawaiian Shaman).We learned about Traditional Hawaiian chanting which can change weather! also we learned about how to make offerings and give appreciation to the nature and Hawaiian secrets and so on.

▪️Naoko was a backing vocalist for one of the major band for 3years.
She experienced and performed in front of a huge crowd of audience
(Yoyogi taikukan,Summer sonic,Green room,Skyjanboree etc.)
She had a chance to meet a famous musician in a back stage and learned many things through their performance.She also started performing her original style in shonan area as Ruka Aosora.

▪️She had to came back home and help her parent's cafe for some reason. So she quite her job and activities as backing vocalist.
She baked cakes almost everyday and help their business.
While she was helping their job she doesn't want to give up her music carrier so she thought its a  great opportunities to show her music to the world on Youtube.So she started uploading cover song and original song on Youtube.She learned how to shoot the videos,editing and recording skills.

▪️Now she started new channle called Ruka Aosora.(Please check it out)

▪️Naoko is a certified voice ,sound and hot stone therapist.She uses a energy chime,tuning forks, kalimba, crystalbowls, singing bowls, drumming  for the private and group session.

▪️She has a qualified as hot stone therapist at Bali Magic school.
She uses a special stone from Sedona(powerful sacred area)and she learned skills  about hot stone massage as well.

▪️Recently she finished a course 「Multi instrumental course level1」
at Sound Healing Academy. And now she got a certification for this course.


▪️Now she opened her salon
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